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What Is The Common Denominator In All Things Business And Why Clients May Not Be Choosing You Or Your Offerings?

Ever asked why people are not choosing you and what you have to offer? Seth Godin points to a number of reasons: 1. THEY don’t know you exist – (No Awareness) 2. THEY are not aware of the offering you have for them – (No Awareness) 3. THEY don’t trust you – (Trust Issue) 4. THEY don’t believe the promise you are making is going to come true – (KLT + communication issue). 5. THEY […]

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What Is The One Thing That All Brands That Succeed Have In Common?

So far we have established the following: Your expertise is not the make or break of your business. (Refer to previous post). You need to create awareness for your services. To do so, you will need the expertise of others. It is however unclear which services actually rank first for your business because most experts will naturally sell you on their services first. (Refer to previous post) . You could do it all yourself. To […]

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The One Thing That Matters Most In Your Business Without Which Your Business Has No Chance Is……

Of course we’ve got the matter of your expertise. But unless you are treating HIV AIDS or can bring life to the dead, then you are not that special. You are just like the rest of us. Lawyer, Coach, Financial Expert, Marketer, Doctor, Dentist, Photographer, Micro-blading Expert, Dentist, you name it, It’s the Same ish.. Your expertise is therefore not the most important. All you need is to be able to deliver what you profess […]

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5 Quick Persuasion Techniques To Include In Your Daily Communication

“If I can persuade, I can move the universe”. The above was a quote made by one Frederick Douglas, a black slave who escaped to freedom back in the 1850’s and who later became a well known abolitionist and orator. According to Kevin Hogan, the author of Psychology of Persuasion, persuasion is the true purpose and intention of communication and those who can’t persuade are arguably impotent. Well, you may agree with the above statements […]

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