The One Thing That Matters Most In Your Business Without Which Your Business Has No Chance Is……

Of course we’ve got the matter of your expertise.

But unless you are treating HIV AIDS or can bring life to the dead, then you are not that special. You are just like the rest of us. Lawyer, Coach, Financial Expert, Marketer, Doctor, Dentist, Photographer, Micro-blading Expert, Dentist, you name it, It’s the Same ish..

Your expertise is therefore not the most important. All you need is to be able to deliver what you profess to do. Nothing more. It’s a service, period!

You soon realize that expertise alone will not get your business booming. You need other things that you are not an expert at.

There are a number of things that matter. In fact, depending on who you talk to, they will most likely tell you that the answer lies in what they provide.

For example, if you meet a branding expert first, they will tell you that branding is the bees knees. A marketer will tell you its marketing, a social media expert will tell you its social media marketing , a graphic designer will tell you its your well presented cards and graphics, a web developer will tell you it’s a website. You get the drift?

And then it starts getting too muddled! Too many things to do. Unless you have a team, it becomes too overwhelming. And daily, all you see are more ads for the best widgets and services for your business.

You get some of these services but still you realize that you are not getting the results that you hoped for. You are all over the place trying to do a little bit of everything. You start hoping for sales. Then wanting the sales. And then it gets very bad so you NEED the sales… desperately!

You think sales training would help. You probably enroll in it.. But still….no results..

It is at this time that most small business owners usually go out in search of quick widgets! Anything that promises overnight success or a quick turn around.. and that’s usually when the chicken chase or hamster wheel race begins…

Running after a chicken that you never seem to catch.. Ultimately you end up either stuck, feeling like you are searching for a needle in a haystack, never getting forward…

So what’s the way forward? Stay tuned for our next post.