What Is The One Thing That All Brands That Succeed Have In Common?

So far we have established the following:

  1. Your expertise is not the make or break of your business. (Refer to previous post).
  2. You need to create awareness for your services. To do so, you will need the expertise of others. It is however unclear which services actually rank first for your business because most experts will naturally sell you on their services first. (Refer to previous post) .
  3. You could do it all yourself. To do so, you need to have a team for that or you will quickly end up in a jumbled mess. Endless Googling or YouTube tutorials may seem like a low hanging fruit but in reality, the time you spend there, your most precious resource, could be better spent elsewhere.
  4. Quick Overnight success Widgets and Fads are just that ….FADS.

So what next?

Well, there is the option of doing a ‘shoot an arrow in the dark and hope that it sticks’ so you can have sales.

Ultimately though, you know where that will lead you to and at blinding speed at that; To be a part of those statistics that usually make an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare! But we are not about that today!

So how can you succeed in business with the odds seemingly stacked against you?

The brands who succeed are fiercely in charge and overly protective of ONE thing about their business.

I call it their GOLDEN TREE.

When you get this bit right, you have no chance of failure! NONE.

Your Golden Tree is Your Treasure. No business can exist without this. Nothing else is more important than this. Not your personal brand! Not your website. Not your automated systems. Not your funnels. Not your copy. No amount of marketing is effective without it.

Unfortunately though, many business owners take this for granted. It sounds so easy. And while under the influence of To-Do’s, most business owners ignore this.

Most courses barely touch on this too. And No. it’s not your sales! Sales is the aftermath of this.

The big companies….those that have stupendous budgets.. are now heavily involved in Artificial Intelligence Systems because of it.

How do you identify and take care of your Golden Tree? Stay tuned.