What Is The Common Denominator In All Things Business And Why Clients May Not Be Choosing You Or Your Offerings?

Ever asked why people are not choosing you and what you have to offer?

Seth Godin points to a number of reasons:

1. THEY don’t know you exist – (No Awareness)
2. THEY are not aware of the offering you have for them – (No Awareness)
3. THEY don’t trust you – (Trust Issue)
4. THEY don’t believe the promise you are making is going to come true – (KLT + communication issue).
5. THEY don’t have, can’t find the resources, won’t pay the price to pay the resources (Targeting, Values Match Issue)
6. THEY tell themselves a different story about money than you think they do. (Targeting Issue)
7. THEY can wait and there doesn’t feel like any benefit for acting sooner that’s sufficient to overcome their inertia (Your offer not Irresistible).

Trying to solve an awareness problem while you have a trust issue won’t solve your problem but only make it worse; more people not trusting you!😏

In all this, one conclusion comes to mind.

1. Before you spend your time & your money on ‘marketing’ you need to dig a little deeper and figure out what marketing problem you are seeking to solve.

Dig deeper and you find this;

2. The single most consistent word above is the word ‘THEY’.


GOLDEN’ because of its precious nature. ‘TREE’ because of the need for it to be nurtured so it can grow.

It refers to a person who makes a decision to give you their attention or not, engage with you or not, trust you or not, buy from you or not.

‘Your Golden Tree’, will also decide whether you get consistent sales or not; and ultimately whether your business gets to survive or not.

Further, as demonstrated above, THEY’/GOLDEN TREE/CLIENT, comes before all the conceivable problems you may need to solve in your business. Everything else is just a part of the process.

Which is to say that most, if not all of the problems faced by business owners today, are deeper symptoms arising from not having a deeper understanding, connection and relationship with their Golden Trees. LET THAT SINK IN.

So what do you choose?

Do you choose to become (STRATEGIC, PROACTIVE) now or get (TACTICAL, REACTIVE) later?

Would you rather build a solid Golden Tree Foundation right now or skimp it altogether only to miserably put down fires from constant cropping (and sometimes crippling) problems later on?

The choice is your to make.

Ready to tackle this head on and give yourself a fighting chance at business?

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